Saturday, May 1, 2010

We are back!

Hye everyone! Omg it’s been a while since we last post anything here. ;) We were too caught up with work cant believe we actually abandoned this blogshop for sooo long. We almost forgot that we actually have a virtual store. Bah! :) sooo..we’re gonna make up with the lost time with some updates for u lovies! yeah, after many months of MIA, we proudly present you our current collection! hope u girls like them as much as we do. Oh, if you guys realise, we also change our background. Just a simple ready-to-use template but we think its pretty cute. What do you guys think? ;)

Check out our latest updates, and to order, you know the drill, right? Just copy paste the details at the right side to your email, and email us with the infos needed. And we’ll get back to you. easy peasey lemon squeezzyy. ;) oh ya. Model is 162,uk6-uk8. ;)


Box bag


long handle

hand carry ala tai tai

Box bag
material : man-made PU
condition : totally new
Provided with 2 ways, handcarry or sling
Available in purple and blue

purple : sold



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